Love nature, but keep it elegant!

You love nature and are passionate of the world you live in and you’d like to connect with the spirituality and beauty of nature but you want to do it your way, because elegance is important right?

I can totally relate.

I’m Fabiana, designer and owner of ICALIPSOTreasures, I understand what it means to feel like if you have lost your inner force becouse life sometimes can get hard and you struggle with finding the energy you need in order to stay positive and be self peaced.

One day, I understood that what I was living could not be called LIFE and I had to change my mindsetting.

I decided that I had to rediscover what I ever loved: my connection with nature.

I started doing long walks on the beach and  guess what?

I felt so blessed for the breeze on the face, for the beauty of the sun and the incredible sense of peace that all the surrounding landscape gave me.

I needed to find a way to bring this peace in my life no matter what.

Gemstones were the answer I was looking for.

In that period, I used to wear an agate necklace and I could not belive to how I felt empowered and positive about the new changes in my life.

That necklace still represents for me the symbol of my new life.

The new energy I felt had to be addressed into something new that I had never done before.

As a creative person, lover of fashion and elegance, I wanted to create a jewelry line for an elegant woman who want to feel beautiful and magnificent while she benefits of the incredible balancing power of natural stones.

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